Brew Basket Overflows

If the brew basket is overflowing

  • Carafe may be improperly placed in the coffeemaker. Remove carafe and insert the carafe so that it rests properly in the coffeemaker.
  • If the coffeemaker has Sneak-A-Cup, check to make sure the Sneak-A-Cup valve is aligned with the opening on the carafe lid
  • If the coffeemaker has Sneak-A-Cup, remember to replace carafe within 30 seconds.
  • Make sure that the filter basket is positioned correctly and closed all the way.
  • Check to see if there is any damage to the carafe lid or brew basket.
  • Make sure that a paper filter is not being used at the same time as the permanent filter.
  • Using coffee that is too finely ground can sometimes cause the basket to overflow. Make sure to use coffee that is ground for automatic drip coffeemakers. Do not use grounds intended for French Press or espresso.
  • If using paper filters make sure that 2 filters are not stuck together and ensure only 1 filter is used.
  • Make sure that the filter has not become folded over and is properly centered in the brew basket.
  • Using softened water can cause your coffee maker to overflow.

If water is overflowing from the carafe

  • The water reservoir has been overfilled. Make sure the reservoir is not filled past the MAX indicator.