Coffee maker is brewing slowly or not at all

Overtime mineral deposits may form in your coffeemaker. We recommend cleaning your coffeemaker once a month. To clean your coffeemaker, please follow the steps below:

  • 1.) Combined an equal amount of white vinegar and cold water in carafe.
  • 2.) Pour into water reservoir.
  • 3.) Place an 8 to 12 cup basket style paper filter in the removable filter basket.
  • 4.) Make sure the lid of the carafe is in place and place empty carafe on the carafe plate.
  • 5.) Plug power cord into an outlet.
  • 6.) Press AUTO CLEAN to active cleaning cycle.
  • 7.) Part of the mixture will brew through. Remaining mixture will be held in coffeemaker for 30 minutes before completing its brew through.

Note: The entire cleaning cycle will take 35-60 minutes to complete.

  • 8.) When the coffee maker completes the AUTO CLEAN cycle, it beeps and shuts off automatically.
  • 9.) Brew fresh water through appliance following the instructions given in GETTING STARTED of the Instruction Book before brewing coffee again.

You may also view our instructional video by visiting For cleaning instruction specific to your coffeemaker, please refer to the included instruction manual.