How to Descale/Clean your Coffee Maker

With regular use, minerals, and hard water can clog your coffeemaker. A full cleaning with vinegar is recommended once a month with most coffeemakers. Excessive steaming or a prolonged brewing cycle is a sign that cleaning is needed.

General Descaling Instructions

  • Fill the reservoir with equal parts vinegar and water. Make sure not to fill past the MAX indicator.
  • Put a paper filter in the filter basket and close the lid. Set the empty carafe on the carafe plate.
  • Turn on coffee maker. Let about half the vinegar mixture brew into the carafe.
  • Turn off coffee maker for 15 - 30 minutes or longer
  • Turn on coffee maker again and brew the remaining vinegar mixture into the carafe.
  • Empty the carafe and discard the paper filter.
  • Fill the reservoir with cold water to the MAX indicator; place the carafe on the keep warm plate and turn the coffeemaker on for a complete brewing cycle to flush out any remaining cleaning mixture.
  • You may repeat the last step if there is any remaining vinegar smell/taste.
  • For more information, refer to the Descaling or Cleaning with Vinegar section of the use and care manual.
  • Wash the filter basket and carafe as instructed in the Cleaning section of the use and care manual.